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乔迪钱德勒|海意背景On the other side, in the camp of the sun family, sun jing quickly handed a letter to an accompanying general and solemnly said: "this letter must be handed to zhong mou!"And, if all of carrying out the land equalization policy under lu bu liu bei's not bad, you in that it is better to lu bu, lyu3 bu4 hands, at least in the hands of the right of the silk road trade, trade, and lu bu has opened with the kingdoms of the western regions, and even beyond trade, both industry and on the influence of outside governors together than, although be lyu3 bu4 went back, but can bring his lyu3 bu4 funds you Liu Beiyou?

"Push fast! Guan yu's sinking face did not make him hesitate. Although the crossbow was powerful, it was not without weakness. It had a fixed range, unlike ordinary bows, which could be controlled by man."Dost thou... Who are you waiting for?" Fu DE suddenly roared, he felt very wrong, not caught by cao cao, but fell into the hands of lu bu."Intelligence said that zhuge liang under liu bei had developed a new crossbow. Ma was very curious about it. Be free and at leisure, I took him here to have a look. Lu bu sat on the handsome, smiling way.乔迪钱德勒|"Thunk ~" "bang ~"

乔迪钱德勒|"I have a plan, quickly prepare." Zhou yu shook his head emphatically."Yes! Horse all hand way.

Chapter 75 gives the true meaning of policy"Well!""What do you think of cloud chang and han sheng?" Liu bei rode with guan yu, huang zhong and shi tao in the camp of princes, looking at cao junrong and quietly asked.乔迪钱德勒|




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