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桃濑|代办双软认证"Yi DE, lost is lost!" Liu2 bei4 stand up, funny of looking at zhang fei's facial expression, turn a head to see zhuge liang way: "wing DE recklessly, han sheng general composed and tactful, not as good as let him 2 people escort strategist together how?""Look at it, general!" The deputy general pointed to zhang liao's camp and said with a smile, "at the end, I just saw that zhang liao's horses were far ahead of our army, but they only numbered 30,000. Now they are spread out completely and scattered around ye city. We only need to gather our elite and storm one of them."Snow ~"

On the wall of the city, looking at the eight thousand troops in less than half an hour of kung fu was defeated, the face became pale, south zheng's defenders, but the entire hanzhong most elite soldiers, in such a short time by the enemy completely defeated! Although the enemy did not continue to attack, but quietly stood outside the city, waiting for the time to pass."The first time a famous person said that to me, it was a blessing for bush." Lv bu smiled."Kuai yue? CAI MAO suddenly found, from the beginning to the end, the kuai more has not appeared, complexion can not help but a change, kuai home, CAI MAO most fear is not as the owner of the kuai liang, but the little charge of the kuai more, hurriedly asked to the left and right: "can see the kuai more?"桃濑|That anxiety mood in the heart is more and more serious, finally in that night, could not help but quietly sent people with ropes, quietly sent out of the city to contact liu bei, said is willing to open the gate.

桃濑|"MAO ~"At the beginning, lyu3 bu4 in chang 'an economy unceasing prosperity, and succeeded in the way of economic control will be the western region more than a dozen countries together take over, then proposed to infiltrate the central plains in the same way, finally with bloodless way to unify the central plains."General, the situation is over, let's break through!" Cao will bitter road.

Especially five years ago, zhaoyun led five thousand cavalry to break liaodong. In less than half a year, with five thousand cavalry, he broke gongsundu's base camp and forced gongsundu to commit suicide, which made lv bu calm youzhou completely. At that time, the central plains was shocked and zhaoyun was at its peak."I count three, if don't lay down the weapon, all kill it!" Small school eyes flash a ferocious look, suddenly raised his arm, harsh voice way: "one!"Xiahou yuan's main force of jizhou was defeated, and now the whole army of wuan reinforcements was wiped out. Cao cao's forces in the whole southern hebei province were only supported by yu ban in the plain area.桃濑|




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