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孟非和乐嘉|51soleLyu3 bu4 smiled and lifted the north palace away, but looked at cioffi.Lyu3 bu4 heart sneer at 1, he didn't know why he suddenly so angry, but in the bone that has not appeared for a long time of tyranny, in the moment just now, almost destroyed his reason.

"Yes, but I can't follow you." North palace from muffled track.At the moment of the evacuation order, Huhue Spring regretted it, Seeing the army in a mess, Under the attack of the han army, gradually became a rout, heart know if let the situation continue to develop, the battle is so boring defeat, regret in the heart, but things have come to this point, can only try to redeem, while life general bypass the rear of the big array, organization of the defeated army from the beginning, while with pro-health in the array, constantly drink to stop the chaos of the huns."Moon lake, I want to prepare a gift for the huns, but before that, first to the moon lake will be around the terrain to clear up." Lyu3 bu4 mouth spread a cold smile, hit and run, there is no such cheap thing in the world, since the huns, then completely disappear.孟非和乐嘉|With that, Yang Wang looked at Xiongkuohai and said with a smile, "General Xiongkuohai, thank you very much."

孟非和乐嘉|"What's the condition of Tiedi's injury?" D twist a head, originally bright eyes, covered with blood, looking at the immediate healer."Master rest assured, will die at the end of the finish!" Wei yan eyes flashed a touch of hot, macro track."Father, I..." Tears twinkled in the maiden's eyes as she tried to say something, only to be interrupted by a hurried footstep.

"Two generals just in time!" Speaking of which, zhou cang face can not help but a bitter, to seibel and wei big vomit bitter water son: "master gave me one thousand cavalry, let me will coerce the people of hanoi to Beijing sign, but you know, the eighteen counties of hanoi, and unlike nanyang, there is a piece of embroidery to help, only rely on the one thousand people, when can you finish."Hey law ~"Yes." Chen Gong smell speech, smiled and nodded, then asked: "If he is willing to join, whether to continue to do xinfeng magistrate?"孟非和乐嘉|




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