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湖南卫视中餐厅李易峰法国库宝Last life although doing business, but lu buke did not prepare to build a business empire plan, to business rich country, to industry strong country.Right now on the map, with the center of the millet, is great huns occupied land, contains almost three 5 of hetao, left, is tu, zero, moon people first, qiang and Qin Hu Wolf, at first glance, all the land of the xiongnu, but in fact, after last year's fiasco, huns occupied territory has shrunk dramatically, Qin Hu occupies the chicken abatis, former xiongnu five, now has become history, and then the Wolf qiang, tu, moon people and zero in the past a first winter, will own occupation area expanded many, now of the huns occupied territory, has less than half, more importantly, If the first zero and qin hu also turned to lu bu, lu bu on the huns of the encircling potential became!

"It is not a matter that chua's sister has been living in the academy these days. When will she be admitted?" Liu yun jokingly said, get along for a long time, used to the style of lv bu, plus the exchange of the body, the gap feeling in the elimination, but did not speak what scruple.In the past, eight generals under his command, with the assistance of yan xing and cheng gongying, were also on the line."What kind of hero are you when you cheat?" Wenpin bellowed.湖南卫视中餐厅李易峰One hundred bamboo bodyguard to bow arrow at the same time, launching an attack on the xianbei people, at the same time post backyard fire suddenly, desperately wanted to return to find weapons out xianbei people were on fire out, no weapons, armor, some people still have a curved knife, but more and more people are dashed forward only with their bare hands, Addis gun, but has xianbei people rushed to the crowd, then a bayonet death, in this limited space, bolt with bows and arrows, rolled up a burst of tornado death less than a quarter of an hour, for more than four hundred xianbei people lying in one another's blood, soon be consumed.

湖南卫视中餐厅李易峰Now are similar, with the small unit combat ability nature can't be compared with lu bu, but the problem is a result lyu3 bu4 control of west cool enough, and now can use almost all leading injured, d, Ezra pound and holds the sea is the same, this point marotta would have to admire with energy and determination, can see clearly the situation is the same thing, but to be decisive choice strong men DuanWan is another matter, marotta ask ourselves, who is in his own words, even can't be determined so quickly.Lu bu as cao cao's side, with limited forces to deploy defense, the choice of the way and cao cao is similar, after all, cao cao's forces are limited, and jia xu as yuan shao side, the arrangement of troops, the choice is the way of the whole line pressure, from hedong, luoyang, white horse, mengjin each dadu, the strength of the strength of the offensive."Well, it's easier to calculate with a man like that." Li ru smiled a little and said, "wen yuan can ask li kan to find some people who are close to him. Don't disturb them. Find an excuse to gather these people together.

The relation of opportunity, liu yun is already 25 years old now, did not get married however, in this age, already be an old girl, nevertheless also be accordingly, on the body kind of girl place does not have another kind of lingering appeal, dignified in showing a green acrid, elegant in taking noble temperament, let life give a kind of impulse that wants to conquer very easily.When lyu3 bu4 came to the backyard, was panic in big Joe cole, but also has a group of midwife in see lyu3 bu4, qi qi breathe a sigh of relief, although lyu3 bu4 have different look and feel, but in this time, the existence of lyu3 bu4, general for the entire house and changan, is a stability anchor, have him on, everyone's heart was steadfast many."Let us go home, madam." Zhou cang a face of black line looking at a pair of king of the mountain dress lu lingqi.湖南卫视中餐厅李易峰




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