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江苏音符|机器人手拉车"A long line of words, open!" The flag-bearer sat on horseback, waving the flag, the 5,500 soldiers quickly opened, gathered into four rows, in the command of the flag-bearer, the distance between each other."Did not expect, liu bei still rose!" The hussar rode in the mansion, lu bu gave the information to jia xu, shook his head and said with a smile: "it's really time!"< / p > < p > the main will be missing, deputy out of the city to meet, was directly cut down, guanzhong officers and men although there are many, but at the moment which also< / p > < p > heart war, many people directly kneel down to surrender, there is also the beginning of the escape, wei yan ordered people to keep the gate, quickly occupied the city wall, at the same time to send a signal to pang tong.

Before looking at the zhaoyun, yu ban and a lot of cao will be angry and helpless, people put out clearly today must be determined, before this, give you an opportunity, a joss stick time, you can consider, one-on-one hit group beat up casually, a joss stick after, that don't blame knife and gun heartless."Did not expect a small baiji, unexpectedly lead to such a big incident!" See cao cao calm face do not speak, straight to sit on his seat, xunyou first diversion topic way.Cold arrow clusters continue to harvest the lives of zhang yun soldiers, at the same time a team of people began to zhang yun here closed, will zhang yun close to the gate, at the same time, the suspension bridge slowly closed up, will zhang yun retreat completely cut off.江苏音符|What a suck!

江苏音符|With his finger dipped in water, he drew a line on the table and looked at lv zheng, saying, "the law is the same as this line. You can call it the bottom line. It tells people what is wrong, what is right, what can be done and what cannot be done.Zhang lu to teach the people, to govern the autocratic situation in hanzhong, has been a good result, little unrest, but with the influx of these qiang people, the influx of qiang people do not believe that the wugou rice to teach that set, plus the rejection of the qiang people, make this period of time zhang lu was all these things.Lu xun looks at the figure of lv bu's back with complex vision, sigh gently, shake one's head to leave, what lv bu says perhaps is right, but should cast lv bu, how does the family do? Would the rest of the lu family agree? Even if they did, it would not be so easy to leave jiangdong and cross jingzhou.

Although not apologise, of course, it doesn't mean zhuge liang in the hands of a little thing all have no, nanyang, jiangxia army is angry, zhuge liang and liu table stay secretariat of print, these invisible things together with the popularity of the liu bei accumulated over the years and various ge home networks, although invisible, is zhuge liang's biggest weapon in his hand.At such a time, lu bu naturally did not want pang tong these high-end talents to run the risk, although the war with a very small price to complete the whole hanzhong, but no matter pang tong or wei yan, any loss, for lu bu is not necessary consumption, now lu bu is more willing to crush the opponent with the grand division."Great military affairs, ye are not suitable to discuss." Liu ye shook his head and said, "the general ordered people to move these vehicles. As for how to use them, it depends on the general's means. Ye wishes the general success in advance!"江苏音符|




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