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孙思邈祛斑霜弹性地砖And pang tong side, zhuge liang to fight a war of attrition with himself, pang tong is desirable, both sides under the ghosts, zhang is unprecedented fierce."General, afraid of what he does? He again fierce, can't the guanzhong military forces really can't, male broad sea, not afraid to tell you, I wait here tonight, is to capture lu zheng, if you know, give me immediately, when the emperor uncle in shu, say no, can also protect you a rich, otherwise..."Although close to the front line, but at the beginning of the world five governors united against lyu3 bu4, but eventually was lyu3 bu4 play grandson like retraction, as long as there is lyu3 bu4 here, that changan is the world's safest city, also after the battle, began to have a large number of merchants will move to luoyang.

Just at the moment jingzhou army has been endlessly killed into the song, even if want to break, all directions are the enemy, and guan yu also had to guard against two people while the chaos break, laid a heavy army in the east, tardif and He Qi rely on the familiar terrain, after several combinations, ultimately unable to break through."No, with your troops and general zhang ren will zhang fei together, and then cut off from both sides of these pretty army retreat." Pang tong shook his head, he has seen zhang fei gathered in the dark, must be to attack wei yan, this time to do not rushed to wei yan, but will zhang fei to delay, can't let him have the opportunity to rushed to wei yan.孙思邈祛斑霜After sending away the doctor, Guan Yu called Xing Daorong to his side and said, "Now I'm seriously wounded and can't fight any more. When I recover some strength tomorrow, I will invade the city and take Qu Acheng and Tardif. Now I'm wounded and can't use force. Tell the soldiers that if Tardif comes to fight again, don't mind him, just siege the city."

孙思邈祛斑霜Don't take off, no shield hand block, he is a live target, hundreds of arrows cluster shot, so close to do not run, wait to become a hedgehog."Sometimes the outcome of a war is not on the battlefield." Lu Zheng swept Ma Su a glance, said secluded way: "Think about it, with the answer, can let a person to inform me, my father is very tolerant of talent, if you have to be loyal to my father.""Lyu3 bu4 can have today, but the sword to go partial, not lasting, lyu3 bu4 is too strong, day after day, will eat the evil fruit! Scholar yuan don't want to forget the death of Qin II. Zhuge liang shook his head, to deal with lyu3 bu4, he had a special understanding of lyu3 bu4, and even personally went to changan, of course, know changan, but lyu3 bu4 foreign attitude, not to play, with various means from foreign wealth, over time, nature will cause public anger.

"Why?" See each other unexpectedly can suppress in their momentum, also can keep fighting spirit, zhang fei can't help but be surprised, zhang eight snake spear in hand but not hesitate, like a poisonous dragon, spinning like a drill to wei yan."General pang, long time no see!" Wei yan and pound also calculate acquaintance, see pound, slightly hand smiled.See token, Cheng Fang can not help but a surprised, want to make a sound, but was stopped by the other side with gestures.孙思邈祛斑霜




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