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中国骑兵电视剧全集|二手泥头车"Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang." pound's barrage of arrows, except for a few unlucky ones, was almost always blocked by shields and crossbows."As fa yan is getting old and lack of opportunities, my minister thought that when xiao went directly to him, he could cooperate with pang tong and wei yan and help his Lord to calm down the middle of shu." Jia xu thought for a moment and then said.By later generations, which means the dinner that night's dinner, this time, however, were not the term, but lu bu in order to promote the relationship between the manner, at this time of the year, staff etiquette will be invited to have dinner together, in fact has become a habit, everybody also normal, especially this year moved to luoyang, seibel also in the old brother, lyu3 bu4 nature more happy.

Liu2 bei4 in the heart, already had learn lv bu similar, deal with old family!"These mercenary people! How dare those great families set taxes?" Liu zhang smell words, complexion can not help but ugly up."Bang bang bang ~"中国骑兵电视剧全集|"The report ~"

中国骑兵电视剧全集|"In the words of the Lord, it's a matter of perspective." Method are information processing, smiled and explained, "national salvation or curve, since milan do not attach importance to you, that he stood in the midst of let him seriously that a group of people, the heart is so strange, too easily, and will not cherish, but when you left him and show that you value, don't you go to ask him, he will naturally come grovelling please go back, and during this time, we can also from one end of the family, to prepare for the access to more resources.""For a Chinese name? What about the allied forces?" Xia houyuan swallowed oral water, see xunyou."Without sending troops from luoyang, the 6,000 elite troops stationed in hanzhong by the Lord gong tun alone could defeat the 100,000" male soldiers "!" The method is confident way, specially accentuates the accent in the male soldier two words.

Guan yu forces is within range, from the ballista protection, at the moment is almost sitting ducks, thousands of equipped with one hundred people, from all directions back to come over and countless jingzhou army as mowing the lawn is generally equipped with harvest, guan yu hears distant scream around constantly, nu sharp in the heart, but also helpless, can only fight horsepower, with dejong and QinBing took the lead from the battlefield, as for everyone else, how much can come back, you'll have to see the creature."Go!" Zhou yu waved his hand and led the party on their way toward huyang."Be." Shi guangyuan took out a ribbon from his bosom and gave it to liu bei.中国骑兵电视剧全集|





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