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b7512罗汉鱼天下"Click ~"King of gold even sichuan tent, listen to the fading battle outside, Korea hence weak decadent sat down on the king's tent.

Ma dai martial arts is not top, but also got Ma Jiazhuan, a knife is quite hot, plus this year to participate in numerous battles, more lyu3 bu4 instructed, in lyu3 bu4 account, in addition to d, pound, zhang embroidery, zhang liao, seibel, wei yan this first echelon, second echelon, ma dai martial arts is top.Chen Xing looked at the back road was broken, the wall on both sides is arrows such as rain, there is no retreat, under a moment of oversight, unexpectedly will be trapped in the Jedi, see coss in the army killing like mowing grass, eyes canthus to crack, a pike, rapped out: "dog thief, can dare to fight with me!""Shut up!" Lombardi suddenly patted the table stood up and looked at falling in grant: "I three hundred thousand troops here, don't you dare to be cao cao tens of thousands of military forces to fight? If it goes out, how should the world look at me? How to look at our army!? You repeatedly slow my morale, what is the reason? Come on, give me will fall in, note down, lean head to show the crowd!"b7512

b7512This kind of thing, it sounds very tall, but look at the past and present, the real history of a few people? At least zhang gu don't think it's a wise choice to fight to the death right now, it's better to leave a useful body, when lombardi army back to the army in the future, hold high the banner of righteousness."Pop!" Body hit on the back of the moment, from behind the arrows also pierced the body of ko sin, ko sin startled stare big eyes, blankly looked ahead, under the impact of huge inertia, mercilessly poured toward the ground.Lyu3 bu4 put down the document, looked at Jiang Xu said: "game may as well think from another angle."

"It's not certain yet, but it's not going to be inferior." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head regretfully: "Who is the mole, not to mention this for the time being, the most important thing is to save the king's court at this moment, I'm afraid Kirby can already think we bypass the shady mountain, ready to attack the five big tribes, with troops to deploy, we just use Kirby can mole, around from the mountains, direct attacks on the five big tribal allied forces, let them unprepared."Halfway through the trip, before they could get close to the camp, a group of men suddenly appeared in the slant and surrounded the group. The first small school, with a cold face, looked at Hsu Yau and others. "Who are you waiting for in the barracks? How dare you break in?"Falling in after the first world war, grant also calculated to see lombardi, if lombardi victory is good, just need them to these men say some good words, will save ford life, unfortunately, lombardi lost, also proved that ford was right, with lombardi's heart, I'm afraid I won't let ford.b7512





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