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不行太深了要死了|九制藏精"Seibel will be the main, led by ten thousand troops, starry night to huaili, martial arts, maoling line of defense, must not be wrong!""About the guanzhong lyu3 bu4." Xun yu looked heavy way: "although this is not as big as lombardi threat, but the future threat to our army may be more on lombardi!""Yes."

The YuanMen across the stone bridge suddenly opened, a cavalry galloping toward this side."Very rare, changwen to me changan today, when it is really full of glory!" Lyu3 bu4 will hand bamboo paper spread out: "jewelry ten welcome, jade 100 pieces, gold and silver hundred jin, also brought such a gift, since Meng De has the intention to resolve the conflict, cloth also can't mean, go back to tell Meng De, this thing, when it didn't happen, but this kind of thing, but one and can't, next time can't be so easy to talk about.""Remember, if there is an enemy to attack, just stick to the city, our troops are few, without me will make, never at will out of the city against. Zhang liao charged.不行太深了要死了|A sink in the heart, didn't expect jun unexpectedly will appear here, he finally know zhang both a district magistrate, why will have such courage and spirit, the cavalry, is his spirit, maybe there are more behind!

不行太深了要死了|Xu Gong is the former satrap of Wu Jun, When sun ce from yuan, beat liu yao, power soared, take advantage of wu county, xu gong lost, took refuge in yan baihu, after yan baihu perished, and defected to xu zhao, sun ce didn't pursue, not to mention potential poor force solitary xu gong, where to this skill, the sun ce is not weak scholar, xu gong invited people, can't be close to all difficult to say, let alone kill."I don 't have time for them!" Lyu3 bu4 a wave, cold hum 1."Didn't you say, today reward the armed forces, don't say business." Cao cao some discontented way.

"What's the difference?" Lyu3 bu4 did not answer directly, these top counselors, the greatest skill in lyu3 bu4 is not their ability, but the mouth, as long as he reveals his own ideas, he will be able to give himself a whole set of other plans, and said the right thing.Marotta nodded and looked at them: "Add to this the surrender, seibel, zhang liao two general troops, I put the total force, but only less than thirty thousand people, the difference is still wide."Han sui smell speech nodded: "good."不行太深了要死了|




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